Better than breakfast in bed.

Made fresh every morning, our pastries go from reasonably (ahem) healthy to hopelessly decadent. Grab a quick bite with some coffee, or take your time and settle in with your laptop (yes, we have free Wifi) and a nice cappucino to go with that croissant. And Blueberry Boat. And maybe a Craisin Orange Scone to tide you over till lunch…


Butter Croissant

The traditional choice for breakfast or brunch, a ham sandwich or even bread pudding.

Chocolate Croissant

Our flaky croissant dough wrapped around chocolate pieces – simple, slightly sweet, and a hit with the kids.

Almond Croissant

A butter croissant split and soaked with a kirsch syrup, slathered with almond cream, and encrusted with sliced almonds.


Cheese Danish

Flaky croissant dough folded around our vanilla cream cheese filling and dusted with powdered sugar.

Cinnamon-Raisin Roll

The classic, packed with large raisins and topped with cream cheese icing.

Fruit Snails

These change seasonally – some of our offerings include apple-crumb, Cherry, and vanilla blackberry peach. We offer 2 varieties daily.

Bacon & Cheese Danish

Our croissant dough folded around bacon and swiss cheese. Fantastic to eat cold or warmed in the oven.

Cherry Hearts

Croissant dough filled with cherry and cream cheese filling.

Rum Raisin Rolls

A Parisian standard – vanilla pastry cream and rum-soaked raisins rolled into our croissant dough.

Sticky Buns  (with or without pecans)

Cinnamon-filled and caramel-covered, many of our customers buy dozens of these for family and office events.

Puff Pastries

Almond Pretzel

We layer our puff pastry with an almond filling, twist it up and shape it into a pretzel. Topped with sliced almonds and icing.

Chocolate Pretzel

Just like the almond version, this one gets layered with a chocolate filling and drizzled with icing.

Cinnamon-Pecan Swirl

This features layers of light pastry, sweet cinnamon filling and a handful of pecans on top. It’s a Turtle Bread classic.

Fruit Boats

In the summer we fill these with blueberries and cinnamon, and in the winter we fill them with apples. Encrusted with sparkly sugar.

Cherry Turnover

Puff dough filled with cherry filling.


Simple twists filled with vanilla pastry cream and dusted with powdered sugar, they’re great for mid-morning coffee.


Our muffins are just that – they’re not cupcakes, nor giant warehouse monstrosities. We use brown sugar for comfort and buttermilk for a bit of tang, and add fruits and nuts for flavor and crunch. The bakers make 3 or 4 kinds of muffins daily – call your local shop for availability:



Chocolate Chip


Banana Walnut

Lemon Poppy

Cherry Almond

Pumpkin Muffin (Winter Seasonal)

Apple Hazelnut Bran (Winter Seasonal)


We have 2 types of scones – a buttermilk-based version which we fill with dried fruits, and our incredibly popular Cream Scone (which you can also buy frozen to bake at home). None of them are overly sweet, and all of them are a perfect match for your favorite coffee:

Orange Chocolate Chip

Golden Raisin Ginger

Oatmeal Currant Cream

Blueberry  (summer)

Ginger Hazelnut  (winter)